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聚奎居在以前廢墟的時候就很多人來訪想一探這棟神秘又美麗的建築 現在就透過影片帶您穿越時空 回到還沒修復前的聚奎居 一探神祕的面紗 影片來源: 臺中市文化資產處 youtube頻道

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Jukuiju Mansion was completed in the 1930s. Influenced by the trends of that time and regional architectural styles, the design of this nearly century-old mansion is a combination of baroque-style architecture and a Chinese three-section compound. This upscale old mansion also displays the wealth of the original owner. Thanks to the efforts of the current owner and relevant agencies, Jukuiju Mansion has been preserved and continues to march on into its next glorious century.

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